Welcome To HikerTrip As we Are trying to produce Travel-Related content we need some high-quality content If you want to write a post for us Or do guest posting for your Blog we have the guest post option.  

write to us at [email protected] to contribute to HikeTrip: Travel Made Simple 

Does Business HikeTrip accept new Contributors?

Yes, we d’  We accept posts from outside contributors that fit in nicely to our content and contain useful travel-related information to create pore content for our viewer and readers.

What are We looking From a contributor’s post?  

Useful information for Tour & Travel or about packages and Hotels, inside scoops or expert guides & tips. We are all over working on the news with more than 5 members and that’s enough so don’t try to write the news. feel free to read our posts to pick an idea to create a high-quality information blog post.


How can I submit A post?

Send An email to [email protected] with your post title and Pitch your idea. Include links to relevant writing samples. And Waliur Rahman’ll check and contact you if you get approved. We receive lots of admissions every day but you will definite if we are interested and satisfied with your good ideas.


Can I Post posts Regularly?

Yes, you Can As we want to add more authors to provide the best information But make sure that we don’t allow any paid promotion on our website or you can contact one of the members of our team to discuss your Ideas. with the same email or [email protected]

What Else Should I Know?

look’ We are very serious when it comes to user privacy policies so make sure you check our posts and the way we describe things and And your content, ll be reviewed by team HikerTrip and submit itself.  any violation of the privacy policy can be the reason for your rejection. Read Our Privacy Policy 

But it depends on you what are you working on and we provide backlinks as we want a contribution from writers So more than two external links we, ll reject But for information and Image source you can include useful link Like Wikipedia & more but also we , ll review it first and any changes we can make after you send the complete copy of your post. you can send an email for any correction to the same email address we provide.
So that’s How You can submit a post on this website and all the details Now let’s Do it and help us to built a power travel community in India. 
Note: This page is Submitted By Waliur Rahman (BA Arabic + founder of these Travel Website ) Get in touch with him at [email protected] for any business purpose we are looking forward to with you. 


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