What is Hiking, How to get started?

What is Hiking?

Okay, You don’t know what hiking is? We’ve got you covered, and the HikerTrip is here to help you with your very first step which is getting to know about hiking. So, let’s find the answer to what is it and how to get started? 

According to most dictionaries Hiking refers to a long walk on trails and footpaths. The word ‘hiker’ means someone who walks long-distance and someone who keeps moving. But it is not the same meaning as ‘walking’ both words are used for different meanings and different terms.

In modern words, Hiking is basically walking in nature and it is one of the most popular recreational and outdoor activities. It is also known as one of the hundreds of natural activities that boost human physical strength and maintain health at a high standard. Hiking and walking are two different things but both activities mean walking and exploring on foot.  Some people also consider hiking an outdoor sport not only a method of exploration.

In the modern world of the 20s hiking is considered among the most common travel activities performed in the mountains, hiking is generally exploring a forest, walking on high-altitude hills and mountains. And it’s one of several forms of travel and exploration.

The history of hiking?

Do you dream to be a hiker? If yes then why not explore the history of hiking first.

Hiking in mountains

As fascinating as hiking is, its history is also quite interesting and the same. Hiking was noting once until a simple man called Petrarch climbed nearly 6,273 feet of Mount Ventoux with his brother in April 1336. although Mount Ventoux is not hard to climb and someone had already climbed before. But Petrarch got recognized among the first few people for climbing the mountain. And after that, there are several people who started exploring mountains walking on trails, and that’s how hiking was started.

But the real craze of hiking began in the early 18th century in Europe first and then around the globe. There are a few great names behind the history and how it was started, mountain walkers and explorers started getting recognized as “Hikers” worldwide, and more people started following the trend. before that, it was just walking and exploration of places, nature, and mountains. The hiking itself has a wide and interesting history.

Hiking encourages travelers and people to visit some of the cultural places located on high-altitudes as well as some lakes, viewpoints, and it allows tourists to enjoy the authenticity of mountains and their mesmerizing and breathtaking nature. And today, the number of hikers is expected to be 118.3 million and it is increasing so fast every single day. In short, millions of hikers take hikes around the globe every year. 

Types of hiking?

Wondering what type of hikes will be the best for you depending on your health abilities and physical strength? So, let us inform you that there are two main types of hiking that are popular and common, short & long hikes. But actually, there are a lot of different types of hiking. Check this detailed post here.

But let’s understand the most common two, 

Short hikes are simply exploring short distance walking on your foot. And the duration of the short hikes is not more than 5-7 hours or half of the day. It’s almost like a day trip’ You hike the mountain for a few hours and now you come back to your location before the sunset happens. 

Long hikes on the other hand extend for a long time, the duration of long hikes can be between 7-12 days and most of the long duration hikers hike in a group covering dozens of miles. They stay in mountains spending nights in the camp and huts and climbing mountains in day hours. Long hikes are mostly organized and planned by some travel services providers or by group members themselves. This gives the best opportunity to visit most areas of any location as well offers a lot more than short hikes.

How to get started?

Hiking is not simple as it looks nor the hard as it seems to be?

Man climbing the mountain rock – Image by Brad B. Unsplash

What do we mean is Hiking is more than a sports game. And like any other outdoor and adventure activity, hikers do train themselves which allows them to climb mountains for days and even weeks sometimes. If a normal person starts hiking and he or she chooses to take a long hike in beginning, he/she will definitely find it very tough and challenging, and even possibly he/she will be in a hospital very soon.

Don’t be so scared? We are just informing you But the thing we wanted to mention here is, if you are just starting out then don’t go on a long-distance hike, a hike between 1-3 km will be good for you. Even though it’s a very short distance, make sure you train yourself walking on a regular basis. Because walking on mountains takes a lot more effort than walking on streets. Okay now let’s get to the main question,

How does someone start hiking? Okay, we got it, you wanna start hiking and the above answer was not exactly what you’ve expected but answering this question isn’t easy for us. To better answer that specific question we have created a detailed guide for beginners who are just starting out. Check it right here.

Why start hiking, what’s the benifit?

Okay, We are living in an environment where people are busy with their daily lives, jobs, and family, and a lot of other things. The rate of stress & depression among people is increasing day by day, and heart diseases are also at it’s highest level. So, if you want to get rid of the crowd, and hustle-bustle life of city and populated places, Hiking can be really one of the best things to consider.

It helps to recover your health as your normal workout routine does but with some additional benefits, and taking care of your heart and mind as well. Also, being outdoor can boost your productivity and add more strength to your body. Not only hiking, Other outdoor activities such as camping, swimming, trekking, exploring can also help you take your stress down. Check more on What are the health benefits of hiking?

What’s more you need to know?


Some people may find that hiking isn’t respected that much when it comes to outdoor activities. But the reality is hiking is the best way to get lost in nature for a few days, weeks, or even months. going on a mountain hike is fun, memorable, and helpful for millions across the globe including the members of HikerTrip. And nowadays it’s considered the 4th best outdoor activity.

The fun fact about hiking is’ it is just walking but with a few limitations after having trained and having a larger backpack on your shoulders. But what it offers is totally worth the time you take, your hard work and training as well as expensive gadgets and accessories. And most importantly with hiking, you can discover the beauty of nature in your way and whatever makes you feel comfortable, gives the peace of mind, and makes you happy.

What? You still think that we didn’t cover the facts about hiking and how cool hiking is, Check out this post we’ve published on our website.

We won’t bother you anymore covering everything in a single page, But if you are looking for fun, exercise, memorable experiences, a healthy and happy life, give it a try.

Happy Hiking, Happy Living – Team HikerTrip

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