The 20 Best Places to Visit in 2020

The 20 Best Places to Visit in 2020

When it comes to choosing the best places to visit and have a good vacation experience for what we’re most excited about in the coming months, There are thousands of beautiful places on the earth, choosing the perfect place to vacation can present a challenge. That’s why Team HikerTrip decided to share The 20 Best places to visit in 2020 and make it very simple to choose the perfect & your dream travel destination with the Trip Ideas Keeping in mind the iconic attractions, culture, food, and ease of travel and a lot more. Whether you’re traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are the 20 best places to visit in 2020.


Ahead, Hikertrip’s 20 best places to travel in 2020, listed in alphabetical order and we have shared the top 5 places to every category. If you already have travel plans lined up for the coming year, share your destination picks with us on social media with #Hikertrip or tags us with our social media and make sure you follow us. link is on the footer of this post.

Best places to visit with family in 2020

05 Doha, Qatar The City of Modern art.

places to visit

A city that you, ll be happy to visit with your family Doha’s arts and culture scene are giving travelers a reason to visit the city because of it, travel places like  The National Museum of Qatar, by architect Jean Nouvel, opened last year and adds to the city’s collection of art hubs and places, like Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Islamic Art. and what about the latest underground railway system for the city that made your city tour more easer, it’ll be an amazing experience to Travel between Hamad International Airport to the restaurants and galleries of Doha. The new Mandarin Oriental, Doha and the Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli are among the stylish hotels of Doha which makes the city more attractive for visitors.

Also, a lot more things to do in Doha with family and our recommendation for family travel is Doha because of to it,s modern architecture and building So definitely Doha is the city you can visit with your family in 2020 and Doha travel packages come at an affordable price around $700 to $1000  the best deals on Flight to Doha Here


#4 Dubai, UAE The city of royal families 

Places to visit in 2020

Abu Dhabi And Dubai city will eventually have multiple parks and luxury hotels and restaurants, also you can enjoy the world-class metro system, and more than 200 restaurants and food venues. also, more places to travel like, the city tour is an amazing experience and the Burj Khalifa The tallest building so far, and the Dubai mall the second largest mall of world best and perfect for shopping in UAE, And more like Dubai fountain to enjoy the lacking water with family.

Dubai is the dream destination for everyone who enjoys traveling and Dubai & Abu Dhabi both expect to receive around 25 million visitors per year. Also, you can enjoy the Islamic culture of the United Arab Emirates. or even the royal families of Dubai which make Dubai focus around the earth. also, Dubai is known as the world-famous travel destination So this is the second recommendation for a family trip in 2020. And The travel packages are around $500-$1000 & more Get the best deals Here


 03 The Maldives, The Beautiful view of Beaches 

places to travel this year

The Maldives is the perfect place for family travel with kids if you are looking for a luxury island vacation. This country of a lot of islands has everything a person could want in as a traveler  — clear water, white sand beaches, palm trees, beautiful & natural views which makes it a perfect destination to travel, warm sunny days, and lots of great things to do like diving. snorkeling and visiting local islands to explore the Muslim culture in the Maldives has and  It’s as close to heaven as you can get.

While the Maldives have always been thought of as an expensive, honeymoon /couple place to visit, but it’s actually an incredible budget travel destination. And as we know the Maldives is also known as a honeymoon travel destination But you can also travel with family no matter. And the packages are starting at $800-$1200 USD or more if you go with higher and luxury travel packages. But you can get the perfect deals on hotels and flights Here 

02 Rajasthan, India  The place you would like to visit again

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The colors, and the old architectures and creative traditions, of Rajasthan, are what many of us picture when we think of India — but this coming year, even those who think they’ve been there and done that should plan a return trip. Fort Barware, which is set in a 14th-century fortress south of Jaipur. In nearby Udaipur, the Raffles group is also due to make its Indian debut later in 2020. A lot of other beautiful places to enjoy the Rajasthan tour like an island in Udai Sagar Lake, the palatial hotel will have a rooftop restaurant, an outdoor pool with gardens, and a capacious spa. Just outside the city, India’s first sculpture park opened at Madhavendra Palace


also, Rajasthan has some old and amazing palaces which make Rajasthan more attractive for the visitor you can the palaces of old kings (Maharaja’s) and other royal families. So one our author Hasan love to visit it, again and again, that’s why we have made a tittle for Rajasthan the place you would like to visit again. Book hotels At Best price 

 01 Kerala, India The God’s own country 

places to visit in 2020

Kerala -One of the most beautiful travel destinations of India home to the languid backwaters, long coastlines, sprawling tea gardens, and made for traveler’s joy and, is also famously known as ‘God?s Own Country‘. Located on the Malabar coast of Southern Indian state, it is a tiny sliver of paradise that is also one of the best travel tourist destinations for the family trips one place you can look for. Whether you want to bask in the sun and sand of the palm tree-lined Kovalam beach or want to take a hike to Munnar hill station, or even if you’re going to walk down the bustling streets of Kochi, Kerala has everything on offer a family happiness travel experience

Also, you may love the pure Indian calture of Kerala with a lot of regions, Muslims, Hindu, And other. I have been visiting Kerla for my basic work for a month and the district I work in for 5 years is Calicut And i have enjoyed I lot of things like Kozhikode Beach, And Baypur Port and more places and I love to visit again and again. So this one is on the top of our list in 20 “places to travel” around the world in 2020. And we have mentioned the top 5 for family travel now let’s talk about another category.

Top Places to visit with friends    

05 Paris, France your choice for travel in style 

Places to travel in paris

The City of Light draws millions of visitors every year with its unforgettable memories. and traveler always wants to capture moments in Paris, Of course, the divine cuisine and vast art collections deserve some of the credit as well. The streets are amazing which attracts the world to visit Paris, on the other hand, The gentle River the Seine rambles through the city, flanked by stately museums, centuries-old churches, and blocks of Rococo- and Neoclassic-design architecture, further enhanced by cascading trees and glowing streetlamps. Peppering the Seine’s cobbled walks and graceful bridges are impossibly chic Parisians, probably on their way to the market, cafe or cinema. So surely Paris can be the next destination to visit with your friends and travel in style as well. 

The weather in Paris is something you can enjoy the most. Paris also has some of the  world-class museums, fashion stores, cuisine and an atmosphere all its own, Paris is also a city of “many splendors,” as Ernest Hemingway recalled in his memoir, Also to notice Paris has the no 1 ranking as top places to tarvel by

04 New York City, USA The city that never sleeps

Places to travel

New york city is an iconic global travel destination of the world that has inspired the world with its brilliant & modern architecture, movies, and art. Also known as the Big Apple, New York is well-known for its magnificent skyscrapers, Broadway shows, and beautiful landmarks always making it the perfect destination for travelers from all over the world. 

And more places like Central Park, and The Modern Art. and more things make New york amazing. We are Talking about enjoying travel with Crow and the News is also know for Dining and shopping capital. Trendsetter. New York City wears many crowns and spreads an irresistible feast for all. also, some other things with old British fashion you can get here by visiting fashion hubs of New York Overall a Perfect tourist place to travel with friends and if you are going with travel packages it, ll cost between $700-1000 US Dollar Any way check the Best deals on flights to New york Here 

03 Singapore, Asia The next level of fashion

When it comes to choosing the best travel destination to travel with friends then Singapore is a famous one. Singapore has the title for the best travel destination in Asia, and if you are traveling with a crew then it, ll be amazing. The historic hotels and restaurants you can find in Singapore  — the supposed birthplace of the Singapore Sling — will reopen in 2019 after an extensive renovation, but in the meantime, a handful of stylish new arrivals have made a mark on the hotel scene. Also, other places to visit and enjoy like Gardens by the bay  A lot of beaches and Modern architecture and other things to do as well. 

Also, Singapore is known as an expensive travel destination but You can also travel in a budget with the travel packages by various companies for now. While most people come here for a couple of days just to “do” Singapore and check it off their bucket list, over the past few years, the city has shed some of its stuffy nature and become much more fun and cosmopolitan city.

As a traveler, Singapore always has been one of my favorite cities in the world and a destination I love looking forward to so I can all the hawker food, Indian food, delicious seafood, and wander the lovely hiking trails in the north and sit on the beaches in the south. So my choice for the best places with friends and Singapore is one of them.

02 China via Belgium The Best Choice for Tech lovers.

places to visit in 2020

What about traveling to enjoy the latest and more affordable Technology So Belgium, China is on the list for the best travel destination for traveling with the crew who loves tech. So first let’s talk about Belgium. Belgium is a small nation that plays a big role in European life — and an equally big role in world history. If you’re a history buff interested in either of the World Wars, This country usually just gets glossed over by travelers who spend a day in Brussels, Bruges, and maybe a trip to Ghent before they travel onward. However, if you look deeper, you’ll see this country has a great many medieval towns, historical sites, and parks worth sticking around for.

Traveling to China from Belgium is overall can be a good travel experience because you can visit both on a trip. And as you know China Always famous for Technology and gadgets and other things. China is a country filled with micro-cultures, languages, cuisines, and ethnicities.
Rapid change has attracted curious people from around the globe and there is a thriving ex-pat scene for anyone looking to teach overseas.
And a lot of other things to enjoy in china like it,s culture and other things.

01 Goa, India  The perfect holiday 

Goa India

Goa is one of the states in India known for its natural & beautiful beaches, scrumptious food, and Portuguese heritage. Panjim, the capital city located in the center is well-connected with an international airport and roads and trains. Also, Goa Has the title of one the best travel destination for holidays over years because of it,s attractive beaches and perfect sunshine for more things. 

So In our list, Goa is the place that you can travel with your friends to chill more and to get a crazy holiday experience also Goa is known India’s most-loved beach destination, Goa has much more than the sea, sand, seafood and, of course, the Sun, to keep one coming back for more.

The 5 Best places for Couple Traveling

05 Bora Bora Island The Views of island’s

Bora Bora Island  

Undoubtedly the most celebrated island in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is French Polynesia’s leading lady. Her beauty is unrivaled and her fame, unwavering. Bora Bora is one of the few places on earth that everyone hopes to witness in their lifetime—and once you see it, And also known as one of the best travel destinations for couples. So is this list we have the first choice for a couple traveling is Bora Bora Island.

So as we have mentioned that Bora bora is famous for a couple traveling so you can plan a honeymoon trip too if you are an early married couple. and The amazing & perfect white-sand Bora Bora beaches give way to blue waters where you can enjoy a lot of things like surfing and snorkeling and the most have a dinner on the beaches side it may give you an amazing couple travel experience.

04 London, England, UK The Best city tour.

places to travel in the world 2020

We are talking about the 20 best places to visit in 2020 so what about visiting London in a couple of trip packages with your wife. And for your kind information One of the world’s most visited cities, London has something for everyone: from history and culture to fine food and good times and many other things which attract visitors all over the world. London is a city of ideas and imagination. Londoners have always been fiercely independent thinkers and creative people with brilliant architecture designs and more. 

London’s incredible shopping, endless sights, friendly locals, and vibrant nightlife offer something for every kind of traveler. Also, you can reverse your self back to the 90’s cinemas and fashion designs. Also, London has some of the extremely and awesome travel destinations which travelers always visiting. so in our list, London got 4th position for the couple trip in 2020

03 Manali, India the most loved Indian hill station.

manali India

Manali has always been a favorite trip location for the couple traveling in India over years with its natural views of the Himalaya, which offers a perfect adventure that makes it one of northern India’s most popular travel destinations. You can do as little or as much as you want there. It’s a magical place bordered by cool pine forest and the raging Beas River, which give it a specialty.

Manali is not famous for its hills and other things but Manali is also known as the best place for honeymoon in India so a lot of good things you can enjoy or do in Manali. For ideas of things to do, check out these top 10 places to visit in and around ManaliAnyone looking for thrilling adventure sports will love Manali. Fishing, whitewater rafting, paragliding, skiing, mountaineering, and hiking are all on offer in or around Manali. You’ll find many companies that organize and run adventure tours packages you can find them here.

02 Bhutan. the land of Buddhism culture.

places to travel

There is something magical & special in Bhutan, the simple yet mesmerizing land somehow manages to touch your soul, A lot of things to do & balm it with peace, and even a very good place for the broken heart. The salubrious climate, the Mountain views, and the majestic monasteries may seem a cliched way to describe the beauty of Bhutan, but each word used for this gorgeous country is in its purest form. Visiting and exploring Bhutan can be a wonderful experience you are looking for, something you will never forget about Bhutan and the people of Bhutan. So, do you also want to have this unforgettable experience? if you then visit the buddha point of Bhutan.

Also, Bhutan has the top ranking in the list of the best place to visit and Bhutan is known as one of the best lands for family travel but we have in our list Bhuta is the place you can visit with your better half /wife too because of it,s cultural places to other things.

01 Switzerland Your dream destination

places to travel

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, And one of the Best Places to visit on the earth  Also known as one of the most expensive countries in Europe, Switzerland is often skipped over by budget travelers. But there is an option available for Visit Switzerland without packages 

But Visiting Switzerland is not too cheaper like other destinations. The country is home to shimmering lakes, picturesque mountains (hello Alps!), tiny walled medieval towns, soaring peaks, endless green fields you want to run through, delicious chocolate, incredible beer, and friendly, welcoming people And awesome street roads and local villages and the most the gardens of the tree is amazing. So it was the guide about the top 5 places for a couple/honeymoon trip where Switzerland got the 1st position now let’s talk about our last category for travelers.

The best & top Places fro Solo trip

05 Toronto, Canada The Best city of Canada 

places to visit in 2020

Bright and bustling, Toronto is the city we have in the list of best places to visit in 2020. where you can enjoy the joy of travel in Canadian syles with  Art, food, beaches, nightlife – in Toronto, you’ve got it all of the good things. And the nation’s most populous city is also a top place to have fun. Vast green spaces, including a gorgeous waterfront, earn Toronto the moniker “city within a park.” & other things.

The city is also home to one of the tallest freestanding towers in the world, the CN Tower, and the world’s largest underground shopping mall, PATH. But aside from visiting its biggest attractions, And this was short guide what you can visit in Toronto Canada But let me tell also you can visit other cities in Canada as a Solo Traveler, How every we recommend visiting Toronto because of those solo travelers who love cities and shopping and other things. and also package comes in an affordable price range with starting at just $800-$1500 USD But we also have other options available too. let us scroll down the page.

04 Rome, Italy  The city of seven hills

palces to visit

Rome, the city of seven hills, and the perfect destination for solo travelers and more than a million visitors visit every year. enjoyed a mythic beginning. Romulus and Remus – twin brothers who were nursed by a she-wolf and fathered by a war god – reportedly founded the Eternal City.  most travelers are absolutely certain that there is something magical about Rome. Whether it’s the mystery of nearby Vatican City or the ghosts of the Colosseum or beaches even the weather of Rome And the amazing culture,

Rome is also known for a history that dates back to the eras of Octavian, Julius Caesar, and Hadrian, among others

Also, a report by Rome Italy is the #1 Place to travel in Europe So Also we recommend to visit the city of seven hills And enjoy the modern arts and streets. And you can visit with travel packages and it,s cost is starting at $700-$2000 USD & more prices for the luxury travel experience in Italy.

03 Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, The Real Adventure 


places to travel

The Grand Canyon has expanded with the help of the mighty Colorado River which makes it the Real adventure experience for every traveler who visits the amazing Grand Canyon, and for centuries, people from all over the globe have traveled to gaze out over its red and orange grandeur. Managed by the National Park Service. And if you like hiking then this is one place which can be your dream destination or if you are a travel Blogger this is made for you too.

But if you’re seeking a secluded escape to Mother Nature, you should be prepared: The Grand Canyon can be very crowded. The South Rim – home to the Grand Canyon Village and the well-worn Bright Angel Trail – is particularly popular for sightseers and hikers and solo travelers well. It is on this site that you’ll find the most amenities. For a break from the crowds, as we are talking about one place in Arizona but you can visit other places with the same travel packages and period as you want.

02 Barcelona, Spain The Combination of modern & old architecture 

places to visit in 2020

Barcelona The city’s cosmopolitan international vibe makes it a favorite city for many people and is known for its architecture and art and for more things. It contains both the authentically historic and the wildly bizarre. From the scenic trails of the colorful Park Güell to the romantic narrow alleys of Barri Gòtic; from the beachside nightclubs to the city’s dozens of sacred churches and architectural marvels, this city by the sea seems to attract all types: the adventurer, the couple, the partier, the culture lover – and more – with an almost overwhelming variety of things to do. You could stay for a few days and enjoy your solo trip, but chances are you’ll need a whole week to explore the complete city.

So as we believe is sharing the real info The city of Spain Barcelona Got the 10th Ranking for it,s unreliable and awesome architectures. So we have the recommendation for who loves the architectures and other things as a visit as a solo traveler so definitely visit this one. Also, we are linking a page that help’s you to know more about the Barcelona 

01 Nepal, Asia The Dream of Hikers’ & The Everest view. 

places to visit

We named our brand and site The HikerTrip and that’s clear that we are talking about traveling but also we focus to provide the best tips for Hikers all over the world and amazing Nepal is the best place for hiking the mountains ‘ Nepal has some of the most beautiful and natural places to travel in 2020. But here we are talking about solo travelers too then also Nepal has the best ranking for the solo trip destination.

What about traveling as Solo to the land of best Himalayan mountains and Hiking to the base camp of Mount Everest which is not less than a dream. Nepal is also known for a few other places to visit in Nepal. Like Kathmandu and other popular. Also known as best for this category for it,s trekkers’ paradise, Nepal combines Himalayan views, golden temples, charming hill villages and jungle wildlife watching to offer one of the world’s great travel destinations.

The Nepal Himalaya is the ultimate goal for mountain lovers. Some of the Himalaya’s most iconic and accessible hiking is on offer here, with rugged trails to Everest, Overall we can suggest and say the experience you are going to have it is amazing and unforgettable as a traveler. So this was the best collection of places to visit in 2020 for solo trips.

Our Overall Thoughts on The Best Places to Visit

So this was the list of the 20 Best Places to Visit in 2020 and our team has done their best to choose every single destination so we hope you guys liked it if you then share with someone who enjoys and want to live travel life also for more posts like this Subscribe our newsletter and this post is written by Waliur Rahman and We all catch you guys very soon with another complete travel guide to traveling the earth. till then continue to read our other posts. thanks.

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