This Hill Station Can Give You the Best Travel Experience of 2020

This Hill Station Can Give You the Best Travel Experience of 2020

Places to Visit in Munnar Kerala And Other Packages Details?

Munnar has Always been One The Best Places to visit in Kerala And One of the Best hill station in India too And Also Known As the paradise as the best hill station for a honeymoon in India And in this article, we are talking about the most beautiful tourist place of south Indian state Kerala which is Munnar. And today We are going to share with the all details about Munnar travel so let’s start and get know about Munnar India And places to visit in munnar

Something about Munnar First?

Munnar is a Western Ghats mountain range in India’s Kerala state. A hill station and former resort for the British Raj elite, Munnar is also known as a town in Kerala India famous as a tourist attraction in India Located on the western side of Kerala India 104. KM from Cochin International Airport and today we are going to cover details such as places to visit/ travel package/hotel deals and more so let,s get started.

places to visit in Munnar

How To Reach?

Take A flight to Cochin International airport for your living city to Kerala India And Munnar Is all about 104 km Form the airport it takes around 3-4 hour You can travel in Bus Or Cab We recommend Cabs because as it is a hill town you may face problems traveling on bus it, ll cost you more than $35.23 Max ₹2500 or more as well And This is The Only best  Way to reach Munnar as town has no railway routs.

And if you want to travel via train Then the same process you can do Book your Train to the Cochi Railway station So that’s You can reach Munnar.

What Munnar is Famous For?

Munnar is Famous for Family Travel As the entire Kerala India is the perfect travel destination for family travel Where you can enjoy the south Indian foods and Kerala’s Culture And a lot of other places like Beaches and more anyway Munnar Is also known as Honeymoon vacation destination in Kerala So you can travel if you’re newly married couple.

What are The Best Places to Visit in Munnar?  

There is a lot of good places to visit in Munnar But We Include the top & best places on our list and here is the first one.
Eravikulam National Park  Views & wild goats in a lush setting
when you think you about tourist places to visit place in Munnar then this place is on the top and I can say that when you visit this place you can feel the nature so this place is my first recommendation in Munnar so go visiting this place and enjoy your travel
places to visit  
Mattupetty Dam 

I know You might have A question how can a Dam be a perfect place to visit? But Kerala Has made Such us perfect Dam to visit and This dam is an amazing place to visit in Munnar Kerala India and this is the second place on the top of this list and also I would say you can enjoy the real views of the mountain with perfect sunlight sometimes especially in the evening time.

Every year I visit south India so also I have visited this amazing place and felt cool my self so this is the place that, ll show you the beauty of Munnar. 

places to visit in munnar

A National Forest & other Places 
Those are the days when India was a country where You could find a  lot of forests and national forests for animals as well But These days there is nothing like forest anywhere you can find some of them. But I always Say’ Love Animals and give them a space to live.
places to visit in munnar

So Do you want to visit this national forest definitely you have to visit this forest in Munnar and this is the place you can visit to see some animals and as you know about the beauty of forest so go visiting this place and also this is top in the list of places to visit in munnar? Also, you can visit some other places in Munnar like Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation, Anamudi  Landmark peak with hiking & elephants To see the elephant and other animals.

 Tour packages for Munnar 

3D 4N starts from ₹21,799/- with 3-star hotels
4D 5N starts from ₹34,499/- with the 5-star hotel with taxi traveler and food.
and some other deals with different price and some other package can be booked with making my trip and Goibibo or TripAdvisor but these are the max price rate of travel package from Dehli or Mumbai Book your travel Package Now 
Hot Tip! Travel Without Packages 
Do you want to visit Munnar without package so then you have to book your own hotels to stay in Munnar so we are trying to provide perfect details so you, ll get the best deal on hotel with 5 % extra discount on or visit the sites to book your travel s like MMT or Goibibo and more

Our Final Thoughts About Places to Visit in Munnar And other things?

So we think that Munnar Is A very Good travel destination and a place that you can choose as a journey in India  And this article was a complete guide for Munnar travel like places to visit in munnar and some other details about all things to do.
We hope you liked it if you liked to share with someone you like And Also follow us on social media to get all updates we share and make sure Subscribe By providing your email to us and it is free of coast.My name is Waliur Rahman I, ll catch you guys with another awesome post soon till then enjoy reading another one here. The 20 best places to visit in 2020  Also Read Our Post Hindi If you are from India.                

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