Manali, India The Best Of Himachal Pradesh/ Things to do ,travel packages 2020

Manali, India The Best Of Himachal Pradesh/ Things to do ,travel packages 2020

Manali, India The Best Of Himachal Pradesh/ Things to do, travel packages 2020

Manali’ The perfect Hill station to visit in 2020/ has been India’s most loved and visited destination. And Manali weather is known as the best for honeymoon or family travel so what about visiting Manali in 2020 so today we are here with a short and perfect travel guide.

Hello, everyone, My name is Waliur Rahman today we are talking about a city which is the most beautiful city and hill town in India. and we, ll share with you all details about Manali tourism like /travel package details and tourist places and¬† popular things to do in Manali¬† so let’s start a topic and get know about Manali hey guys this is wali from hiker trip .com and welcome to the world of trip hiker trip

Where is Manali?

Manali is small town in himacahal pradesh and Manali is a high-altitude Himalayan resort town in India‚Äôs northern Himachal Pradesh state. It has a reputation as a backpacking center and honeymoon destination popular as a tourist spot in India today we are sharing details about Manali so we, ll tell about all details like travel trip to Manali and it’s cost and hotel deals and more

also known as one of the most popular hill stations in the country. With jaw-dropping views, lush green forests, sprawling meadows carpeted with flowers, gushing blue streams, a perpetual fairy-tale like mist lingering in the air, and a persistent fragrance of pines and freshness.

Best time to visit Manali?

October to February is the best time to visit Manali if you like the cold and January is best to enjoy the chilly pleasure of fresh snowfall and feel the real nature of Manali and enjoy with your family  . also The temperature drops down below zero degrees. Summer in the region starts in the month of March and lasts till June and also you can visit in any time if you like to visit and enjoy the great Himalayan, Manali, so the choices up to you to visit  Manali .now we, ll tell best places to visit Manali 

What are the Best Places to visit in Manali?

There are lots of beautiful places to visit in Manali but we, ll tell you the best places and here is the list of best places to visit in Manali.

1 Rohtang Pass

places to visit in manali

Do you want to see the beauty of great Himalaya any so my first recommendation to visit in Manali this place is amazing for its beauty and when you visit this great place you can feel everything natural so go visiting this amazing place? a day off to the vista point of Rohtang Pass is the ultimate and almost essential attraction of the itinerary. Located at a distance of just 51 kilometers from the main town,

2 Base river 


When you think about best places to visit in manila this place is also in the top in the list so this is the place that, ll make you happy and show you the beauty of real nature so as I know this is an incredible place to visit in Manali and also I can say without visiting this place your Manali trip,, ll not be a good trip definitely.
so visit this amazing & beautiful place on your next trip.

 3 Bhrigu lake 


manali Himachal pradesh

What can say about this lake and its view and beauty, simply I recommend you to visit this also and I can say that is place that, ll show you real nature,s feeling of Manali so without any recommendation you have to visit this one, a lovely and peaceful place in Manali to make your travel experience better.

 4 Chandrataal lake 

Manali places

If you are a traveler then this is for you to trek in and hike and a natural place to visit and enjoy this is the place that can change your mind to happiness so what can I say for you about this I can say visit this also in your Manali trip only

5 Hidimba Devi Temple


Culture of Manali, would you like to visit this wooden temple in Manali
this one is the cultural place and old Hindu temple to visit so go visiting if you want

6 Solang Valley


During winters, Solang valley is covered with snowmaking skiing is a popular sport here, with training institutes and trainers located in the valley to supervise skiers and train beginners. As the snow melts, skiing is taken over by zorbing. Another popular attraction of Solang valley, taking advantage of the slopes of the valley, you are likely to spot a huge transparent ball with mostly two people inside it rolling down the slope during summers. Yes, Zorbing is as much fun as it looks like. One of the most vibrant and enjoyable places in Manali, there is no way one can possibly miss this amazing valley, 
What is the price of Packages to Manali? 

all of these is max price rate & cost  for a trip to Manali
3D 4N Starting from $ 200 /14,000 with  3 hotels from Dehli/ Bus/ and other things 
4D 5N with the 5-star hotel from $400 OR 25000 and more flights from Dehli and other
5D 6N couple packages from $1000 OR 75,000 with 5-star hotels and flights and food and more 
all this price is maxed from India and if you are from another country the price can be higher more then this list. so choose your’s loved one of them also you can check details in India top-rated travel booking sites like make my trip and Goibibo and more. Also we, ll talk about things to do in Manali in another post.
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Can I visit Manali without Packages?
Do you want to go for your trip without a package you can go but you should have booked your own hotel before so if you want then choices up to you but we have some best deals on a hotel with a massive discount you can book from Goibibo or or other travel agencies too.
So in this article, we have shared all useful details about the Manali trip in a very short of reading because we believe in sharing the useful and real info with our users.
So we hope you liked it if you liked to share with someone you like our next article will be about things to do in Manali next week so subscribe to our site by email and get notified MY name is Waliur Rahman And I, ll catch you very soon with another awesome post. Thank you

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