Gangtok Tourism 2020/ Places to visit/ Things to do.

Gangtok Tourism 2020/ Places to visit/ Things to do.

Gangtok tourism details  

Gangtok is known for it,s Hamialyan Hill views and every traveler has a dream to reach at Gangtok by riding So We felt that why don’t we talk about the places to visit and things to do to have a perfect vacation¬† So Hello everyone this is wali from hikertrip.ocm and toady we are hare to talk about Gangtok tourism details so let’s start now before we get started to make sure you¬† follow our site to get notified when we post an awesome post or any travel updates,

About Gangtok places & Other Details


¬†Gangtok the mountainous northern Indian state of Sikkim and also I form Kishanganj Bihar and Gangtok from Kishangnaj Bihar max 200 km and I know about Gangtok simply I can say that Gangtok is a perfect city and hill town to visit in north India and when you go visiting Gangtok you, ll be happy so let’s get to know about Gangtok trip details like package /top places to visit and /hotels and more¬†

Places to visit in Gangtok

1 Nathu La 

¬†Nathu l; a is mountain pass in Gangtok and a beautiful place to visit in Gangtok also what can say about this place for you as you can see its beauty on image which I have posted to you and this place is one of top in the list when you think about places to visit in Gangtok so it’s my first recommendation to visit that place in Gangtok trip¬†

2 Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

this is a museum to visit in ‘Gangtok’ and also it, ll show you Tibbat and its cultural things so this place is good to see its beauty in Gangtok so go visiting this amazing and lovely museum in ‘Gangtok’¬†

3 Tashi View Point

view pint is the place that, ll show you the natural view and beauty of Himalaya so what can say about this when you visit this viewpoint you can feel everything natural so go visiting this perfect view do you won’t see the Himalayan view visit this place in Gangtok

 4 Botanical gardens

this is another place to visit in Gangtok and if you a natural hiker you must visit this place to feel the Himalayan flowers with different and much more you can feel hare with Himalayan park and it,s flowers 

 5 Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park

when you think about places to visit in Gangtok this is another best place to visit in Gangtok what you can see hare so here is a waterfall to visit would like to see the beauty of waterfall visit this definitely and enjoy as a traveler 

so these are top and best places to visit in Gangtok but louts of places you can visit hare visit with your choice 

Package’s details¬†

3D 4N start from 15,00 and more with 3-star hotels 

4D 5N with 5-star hotels start from 25,000 and more 
5D 6N and more start from 40,000 and more 

this list price is min for a trip but you can find some different deals also 

Visit Gangtok Without travel packages 


Do you want to visit Gangtok without package then you have to book your hotels and go for trip , don,t some of best deals you can find hare in this article and book from your home 

so guys this article was all about Gangtok tourism details with short if you have any question leave a comment our team, ll help you to book or for more details and we hope you liked this post if you liked it share with someone you like And for more details you can visit some Hotels Guide Our website Hotels Booking Guide
Anyway I am Waliur Rahman And I will Catch you guys with Another Awesome Post very soon Till then enjoy reding another One The 20 Best Places to visit In 2020 

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