Our Kerala Trip, We Found Something Special There

Our Kerala Trip, We Found Something Special There

Our Kerala Trip And We Were Visiting  Kerala for 1st time 

Hello everyone welcome to our Travel Memories How are you all I hope all of you are doing well. And today we are very excited to share something from our travel memories and talk about our Kerala Trip, And Today We Also here to announce something very special for you guys too. So Are you excited to see what is we bring from our travel memories So let’s get started? And stay tuned till the end of this post we, ll announce at the end of this post.¬† ¬†¬†

So is this blog we are going to share our first travel memories of 2018 I know that’s not so cool but here we share is travel memories of past and the present days too so here wave the first one.

Kerala Trip

We were traveling to Kerala More than 8 Member in a Group but those days I was not a Blogger or Travel Guide and did not think about sharing travel-related information or updates. We are also going to travel in 2020 via Karnataka and capture some awesome memories.

Anyway, you might have a doubt about what we were traveling for? basically we were visiting for our projects and works. And we Travel for different destinations in Kerala like Someone in Kochi Another in Kannur And I am in Kozhikode city. We planned to visit Kozhikode city and it,s beaches and other places. that’s How we Have decided visit Kozhikode city. The views that show Kerala’s beauty.¬† ¬†¬†

What We Have Found In Kerala Trip?

So my dear friend’s first thing as we know the all south Indian cities are amazing when it comes to traveling and exploring south India a lot of beautiful beaches lovely people with south Indian cultural lungies. and the most amazing thing is the South Indian food which is I have not any example for. And a lot of other things that remind me Kerala every time like Speed buses and clean street roads nearby beaches¬†

Something About Kozhikode Kerala The Place for our Kerala Trip.

Kerala Trip

Here what we found short details in the wikiKozhikode, also known as Calicut, is an Indian city, second-largest urban agglomeration in the State of Kerala and 20th largest in the country with a population of 2 million as 2011 report said. 

And as you know that any trip without friends is, not complete so we have decided to visit Kozhikode city first and the papular Kozhikode Beaches and luckily we have visited with all the places we have added in the list.

City tour With friends 

Kerala Trip

And also we have visited a very small Science City in Kozhikode which is too good and we loved it,s 3D science cinema around 15 minutes in a circular room where we felt and experiences like we’re traveling through galaxy to other planets which shows the part of the galaxy and Other things. And that’s Was my choice to visit In Kozhikode. And It’s All about $1 to visit complete things.

Visiting Baypore Beach

kerala trip

Also, we have visited a beach which is the best place we have visited in Kozhikode is Baypore port & beach and good to see it,s sunset view and we have chilled out and Enjoy al lot of things here. like We bought something in the shops where we take some Mango cuts I don’t know what exactly it is but it was fun to do. Also, we made a short discussion with south Indian n guys while capturing some images and they are amazing too to describe such as great words for us.

Kozhikode is Amazing for shopping 

We also went to a shopping mall called Jaya Lakshmi where we bought some South Indian Lungees for us and some other things we also visited the Mananjila market to buy some other too and the overall shopping experience is too good.    

A Perfect Photo Of my Life

Kerala Trip

When were we visiting the city and local places too and capturing some memories and taking pictures to have it I did not think too much about that and check photos where did I capture images?

But one day I was checking as travel memories and I got this image on my phone where I was sitting in a local bus stand and Theirs a Wall printed on my back with the Great Vivek Ananda And I was like What I have missed in visiting. I know a lot of guys think that I ‘m a Muslim Guy But don,t I know I am Muslim and I always respect those guys who were the Great for all Human beings. And this was a moment when I was thinking that this one is my best travel memory I have.¬† ¬†

The city tour is over Now time to enjoy Kerala trip with more things  

Also, as I have already mentioned that we were visiting Kerala for our works and projects not as Kerala trip then my friends went to do their works after we have visited Kozhikode city and it,s other places like Manajila parks, and City tour and I came to a small city to do my own work which is Kuttiady and some of the places I have visited some places and local villages and culture too and meet some awesome people. and see another side of Kerala 

Kolatta lake, a small lake near Kuttiady in Kayakkodi

kuttiady town

This an amazing place and it,s natural view of sunrise is incredible. I think that I am very lucky when I have visited more places in this small town and I like it all. I have spent more than 15 days hare for my work and I am very happy with the people whom I met in this tiny little village in Kerala. 
Here I have done my work with Abdus salam SK thanks to him to help me and thanks again for guiding me …

My final thoughts about Our Kerala trip 

So all I can say at the end this was a very good trip for work and enjoy with friends too and now we are feeling much better after visiting a beautiful city and we are planning to go for a long trip to Kerala India again and visit other district s
also, I suggest you visit Kerala and it,s beautiful beaches  so Go visiting south India and enjoy your day,s
And I found Kerala A Good place to visit and I, ll visit it again very soon.

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So that’s it for today we have shared something from our travel memories Our Kerala Trip and also made the announcement for guys and we hope you guys like the idea and content about tour and travel My name is Waliur Rahman and I, ll Meet you guys very soon with another awesome post till then Enjoy reading another one. The 20 Best Places to Visit in 2020


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