The Top 12 things to do in Maldives (2020)

The Top 12 things to do in Maldives (2020)

The Maldives is known as the Most Beautiful & dream destination in the world So If you Visit the Maldives in 2020 So what are The Best things to do in maldives  So today We are here to tell you about the best things you can do in the Maldives for the perfect travel experience. 

And as you know about the Maldives, the Maldives is the world’s most popular destination and everyone,s dream travel place and it has some of the worlds,s most beautiful places to visit and “things to do in the Maldives” but what about in 2019?

so today we are going to share with you all about the topic so as you know there are lots of “things to do in maldives” but we, ll cover 12 best things to do in maldives 2019 so let’s start with the last one in this list. Also, we have posted an awesome post which includes details for Maldives tour packages and resorts our other things as you can visit here.

Here is the list of Best Things to do in Maldives 

12 Secret Paradise

Secret paradise is on the Manmade island and secret paradise is very popular to get know about Maldivian culture and as I know travelers love to see the new and different cultures around the world.

So this is something cool and interesting we are starting with our list and Secret Paradise puts an emphasis on visiting local Maldivian Muslim culture

things to do in maldives

Traveler can check out the freshwater lakes on this destination also and I this is very amazing to do as we have done so many times in local Indian lakes And I know when you do this thing in the Maldives you, ll have a great experience and feeling of travel so I suggest doing this first and the location itself in the male Maldives then you have to do it first.


11 Maldives Water sports

water sports in maldives

What do you think about water sports in the Maldives I know you are feeling like pro traveler if you are doing this kind of things but in 2019 what we have to do in the Maldives and we are talking about it

then I definitely suggest you make your experience more exciting with some water sport in the Maldives And to do this kind of things in Maldives Maafushi is the best location and also you choose islands like Meeru island /Hulhumale/Rasdhoo and more

And as we always love to do water sports so this is also one of the best And Maldives offers a variety of water activities, including parasailing, catamaran sailing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, surfing, and water skiing.  and more activities you do like water sports so go for it

10 Surfing in beautiful Maldives beaches

Things to do in maldives

What about surfing in Maldives beaches in your trip ? as I have seen surfing is amazing but I can,t do it But if you are looking for best things then surfing is also in top of the list so I definitely suggest you to do that

But if you can,t do also like me then go and watch someone surfing on the beach in morning time and believe me it is amazing to see and do

And male attol is the perfect location to do or watch someone surfing and some other island is very popular in the Maldives for surfing, Just go for it Also read more about surfing on google

09 See The Intelligent world – Dolphin Watching Maldives

things for maldives

As you know the Maldives is the world’s most popular place for it,s things to do and watching whale/and dolphin is on another label, this is something amazing to do? if you are traveling to the Maldives then you. I hardly recommend you to do this

And I think you have to do it,s things place everywhere you go If you are a traveler to get to know more from the travel world and All these things are amazing and make you happier than before. 

So dolphin spotting is one of the best things to do in maldives So go for it And it, ll cost USD 250-300 per couple of travelers.

08  Male City tour – The capital of Maldives

male maldives

What about visiting Male, The capital of Maldives .how can you live the Maldives before visiting male .and male has lots of places and parks to visit.

City tour, ll take around 3-5 hours And you can enjoy secret paradise,s and famous park as Sultan Park, Maldives mosque, Male museum and there are more things you can as it,s has so many things to do .and the destination around 5-10 km from the Male airport.

So when you visit a destination then you should visit it,s major cities,s definitely and it, ll help you with a better travel experience next time when you come to the same place, So do a male city tour.

07 Snorkeling. Don’t miss Your own happiness

things to do in maldives

I must suggest doing this and this also the best option for you, and this is of the best also.

And believe that snorkeling, ll make your self more experienced as you have visited a lot more destinations in the world, and as you know the Maldives is one best place to do this thing, so in my opinion try this to make your self happy…

06 Visiting local island and villages

things to do in maldives

Visiting local island s in Maldive is a great experience and Exploring a new culture is more important for travelers,s and you should explore to learn something new and good.

Visiting local villages in a deep what about that? if you are going anywhere on the earth as you love traveling then I, ll suggest you visit the place itself and it,s local villages and culture.

And the Maldives has some of the good island and local places to visit it,s cultural thing, The Maldives follow Muslim culture so make sure to dress respectably in long dresses. it,s is a notice for you if you are going to visit Maldives Muslim culture, any way you can visit without this also but if you follow this thing then this great .and your respect for a community and culture.

05 Diving -visit the world underwater

things for maldives

Scuba diving is world-class in the Maldives. The Maldives is one of the best places to do this to make your own extra happiness level upon the earth, there are many diving centers for affordable diving experience and let your self explore more good things underwater and see the earth beauty .so try a discovery scuba diving for more fun.

And why you should do this kind of thing? Then the answer is to get to know about the real beauty of nature and enjoy it for more happiness.

04 Underwater Dining – Ithaa Undersea Restaurant


Ithaa is the world’s first underwater restaurant and one and only is the Maldives so what to do dinning underwater ? this is on another level for every traveler and it is a dream of all traveler so if you can afford this then you have to do

when you visit this restaurant You will feel that this restaurant is mysterious And you can watch some sharks here and it has to be in this list on the top

And this is something cool and amazing to do, don,t think about it just do it and that’s we say feel the nature and be natural hiker (you know what is meaning of hiker? hiker is someone who never stops himself to explore or do something )…go for it …

03 visit one of the new islands Everday


How many days do you want to stay in the Maldives? I think you have to go with 7 or day packages in Maldive because you can,t travel every year as the Maldives packages come at Highly prices.

So when you visit the Maldives and you have perfect timing then make a perfect schedule of travel and visit 1 new island every day and choose the most popular island and do it and explore more your self

And I think this kind of traveling can make you more experienced by traveling and this isn’t thought only if you can do like this then you, ll able to get a better traveling experience …

02 Romantic Sunset dinner


the Maldives is amazing. The Maldives is also famous for couple/honeymoon traveling then what about dinner with your partner or family, If you ask me about this thing then my answer is, I love to do this kind of things …

Also, you can do this with your family if you are on a family trip to give them more happiness so Book a romantic dinner definitely. And can be a special thing that you can do as your trip is a couple traveling.

01 Chill out with family or friends

Things to do in maldives

1 of the Best things to do in  maldives is chilling out with family or friends. You are reading this post from top to the end and you are thinking what the thing is going to be no 1 then here it is.

Why this is better than everything? So as you know nothing is better than spending time with family or friends and I love to chill out with my friends and family and maybe you also love it.

So if you are on a family trip then great or with friends then enjoy your self with your friends .spend some time with them all to make feel better and great and this is something priceless. So chill out on the beaches and islands and streets and it is going to be amazing …

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So these are the best things to do in maldives and we have tried to cover best of things other ways you can do some other what you like do in your travel trip but we picked the best things to do the Maldives And we hope you guys liked it if you liked then share with someone you like definitely And make sure you follow our site to get more contents like this So best of luck for your next trip. 

and my Name is Waliur Rahman And I will be back with another awesome trip idea very soon also follow us on social media to get notified when we post something related tour and travel …..thanks

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What are The Best Thiings to do In Maldives FAQ

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faq7vc2luvo4″ html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”what are the best things to do in maldives” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]So here is the best things to do in The maldives. Snorkeling, Visiting local villages, underWater diving, Surfing on beaches, Sunset Dinner, And more 12 things in the list [/sc_fs_faq]

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