About us

HikerTrip is a blog/destination website that mostly publishes content about outdoor and adventures activities including hiking, trekking, camping, and other outdoor activities, We also do publish more content relating to travel and adventure. And we also publish a lot of content about accessories and travel gadgets.

The website was first created in 2018 for general travel stories, and the admin has decided to shut down the project. We again started in 2020, because our mission was to help adventurers chasing their dream places, and helping them find their dream destinations.

The website is currently in its beginning and three mountains lovers are behind the project, Wali, Mahmudul & Uzair, Wali has started the website a long time ago but due to his educations, he decided to work on the project later. In 2021 we have finally decided to put it online on the internet again. We aim to convert hikertrip.com into a community of adventure travelers.

Oh, You are also a hiker & mountain lover. And If you have a hiking and mountain story and have a blog, you are welcome for a guest post and want people to share their experiences and story with the world. But we currently don’t offer a paid contributions. And we are going to start soon.

Thanks for being a part of HikerTrip – Let’s start a trip